Alignment of planets

Nobody could have foreseen it, but it happened. One Friday I’m going to work and boom! my boss tells me and another colleague that he’s breaking away from his partner and we are fired. Paperwork, unemployment and the immensity of time ahead of me and my terrible fear for my future. I must add that same night my mobile was stolen and it was two days before my birthday. Welcome to the 37!

I did the tests for the Wallapop Ironhack scholarship in Barcelona. It’s really exasperating to see how they take advantage of so many girls who want to learn how to program. A course with a value of 6000€ (too much money for something that can be learned online) with which we were finally given a discount of 1500€. Good luck to the girls who are doing that bootcamp, from my heart. I do not doubt its quality, but it hurts me to see how they pay so much money.

Luckily for me, I remembered a Barcelona Activa front-end course that I could not attend precisely because I was working. I went back to their page and it was still available. I signed, they accepted me (yay!) but first, they told me I had to do a logical math exam (shit!) I’m not good at logic or mathematics. So, of course, I failed the exam.

I was surprised that they called me for the personal interview. And there my conviction and motivation played along with the phrase “with you or without you, I will learn to program“. A few weeks later I was in front of my computer learning with 49 people more: IT Academy begun on its first edition.

The agenda (all in English) still scares me:
– Computer Science
– Virtual Machine
– Linux
– Webservices
– Networking
– Version Control
– Data Base (nice to see you again, Workbench, my old friend)
– UX
– JavaScript
– Debugging JavaScript
– ECMAScript 6
– PHP with Mysql
– JQuery
– JavaScript and AJAX
– Bootstrap
– Angular

Woooow… Just for 0€ and 5 months ahead to learn there 40 hours per week in Cybernarium amazing premises. I cannot be more grateful. By the way, the itinerary we are following is from Linkedin courses from I recommend them A LOT. Besides, two teachers mentor us all day every day (thank God Slack!).

My planets lined up to be there after my last online communication project to perform to the fullest to take advantage of this opportunity. I swear I’m going to take it 100%.

Neither hello world nor hallo warld

Again with the phrase of yore. As if we could not write anything else when it comes to learning to program that “Hello World”. I promise that the first thing I will code will be a “Hello Mama! YOU SEE? I TOLD YOU!”.

My name is Cristina Fernández, I am (currently) 36 years old and I am going to learn how to code.

To do this, I intend to update this blog to share some tutorials or tools, to share if I have managed to do something useful and especially, if I get frustrated with some lines of code and I have managed to solve it without pulling me from the third floor where I live .

If you want to see my works as content writer, web designer in wordpress and other things that I do, you can visit this website. That’s my main income. If you want to see the bullshit that I write while I try to work for a future, you got my twitter, the professional and the facebook pro. That is why this will be a flat blog, without images or too complex paragraphs.

Here we go!

ps. English is not my mother tongue, so from now on, I am very sorry for my mistakes, spelling, lexical and grammatical. This blog is also made to improve my English. I hope to do it with my poor German at some point.