JS: Where to start

It is obvious that you have to invest time to study on your own. Having a 40-hour job (actually, 45) can be a handicap if you try to do something “fast”. Here “fast” does not exist. You cannot learn JS fast, I have been told.

The fucking routine
Being aware that it is a long-term learning is very important. More if you’re like the ones in my case, not knowing how to stop still for a second. Keep this in mind: the head does not work the same after working 9 hours. And unless you have loads of money and time to pay for a bootcamp – which does not guarantee anything either – and survive without working, you better be able to at least create a routine for yourself.

Obviously a move does not fit into the plans of a routine (that has been my last month). Or go out every 2 × 3 for a beer, vermouth, yoga, writing, birthdays, barbecues, coffees to chit chat or other topics that can entertain you. Alles verboten. Either you are or you are not. You decide if it will take 1500 years to understand something. My routine besides my 40 hours per week job: 3 hours a day of JS in the library 4 days per week and all the weekends that I can.

Before getting into the mess of the move, I was able to document what courses I could start to give the first babysteps in JavaScript:


When sometimes I feel that I can stumble doing those babysteps, I read again and again this thread on Twitter.

Since I am a little duffed with CS concepts (I have already done my babysteps in java for some time and I have some fear of doing things all by myself) I decided to do something in Spanish. I’ve been with Khan Academy for a week. For now, starting with ProcessingJS. Obviously now I do not see the sense to start here, but from what I have seen and I have been told, is one of the best online courses to learn JavaScript. When I see myself with strength enough (question of time), I will continue with Udemy. And for my glory ovaries that from then on, I’ll start to chop doors.

It’s the market, amigo
Why will I start so early to chop doors? There are no developers available in the market. All placed. In a dream world, I hope companies think about how to prioritize juniors in some way. In fact, I hope that some company will be part of my evolution coding and wants to take advantage of me as much as I do of them and make a win-win project: they invest in me and I learn for their benefit.

I’ll keep you posted.

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