“Learn to program in 1 month”

Good good good…
Three months have passed since the beginning of the course. There are some things that have been very clear to all the attendees and also to the teachers: there is too much agenda for everything we have to practice.

The part of networking, webservices, JSON and Virtual Machine has left us dizzy. We did not start to see a bit of interesting stuff until Version Control (git) and SQL. We were at the beginning of June with a head full of theory and almost without having hit any key. WRONG.

We are now at the beginning of August. We have learned HTML, CSS, UX and start with JavaScript. We had to look for parallel courses other than lynda.com’s since the ones with JavaScript were very advanced for us. The one that is taking us all out of trouble is: Udemy’s The Web Developer Bootcamp from Colt Steele. 100% recommendable.

The second part of the course begins now, when we are not exactly in the course. We are forever-alone all August. We will have to continue learning all by ourselves if we want the course to be productive and we can sell ourselves well to a company in autumn. The agenda has become big, we are in summer and we have the feeling of not having learned “nothing” (it is a lie, I have never learned so much in my life). The mind is boycotting us because of the pressure of the countdown. We have to remind us that it is IMPOSSIBLE to learn so much in such a short time.

I insist for those who are doing Bootcamps or are thinking of doing one: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LEARN SO MUCH IN A LITTLE TIME.

It is assumed that at this point (3 months of course) those who started from 0 (me and 17 others) would have to be doing Angular 2. Obviously there was a small calculation error or the expectations were very high, since it is (I repeat) IMPOSSIBLE to learn everything we have learned in such a short time and think that in 3 months we will be Angular 2 experts. I remind you of the agenda here. Getting to php would be a miracle.

For those who are in Angular 2 or even working, are engineers or advanced students who have done previous studies in JAVA or Android.

Dealing with frustration is also very important although we know that we are doing A LOT. We are a few that we already have some exhaustion over and we received August with a lot of love to continue learning at a somewhat more relaxed pace (I’m taking my laptop with me on vacation, poor thing). Especially knowing that in September we have to give the best of us as we have a Market Place and our neurons, a cv and linkedin have to look bright.

It is VERY necessary to remember constantly that we are marketers, designers, cooks, psychologists or content creators. The terrible sentence “I’m a letter person” pursues us every day. And yes, I speak in feminine because of course, we have made a group women, which are the ones we are sharing and giving constant moral support because without a doubt, the course is very hard and learning to program without having a clue is complex.

I say all this from my most positive and honest side: despite all the hard work that is being done, we continue day by day, exercise by exercise, fighting with the code and realizing what the developer’s life is like. Jen Simmons, standard-bearer of Mozilla, gave us a good dose of reality (which I shared with my colleagues). It’s a MUST READING if you’re thinking about being a developer.

Yay! Let’s continue to the second phase!

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