Neither hello world nor hallo warld

Again with the phrase of yore. As if we could not write anything else when it comes to learning to program that “Hello World”. I promise that the first thing I will code will be a “Hello Mama! YOU SEE? I TOLD YOU!”.

My name is Cristina Fernández, I am (currently) 36 years old and I am going to learn how to code.

To do this, I intend to update this blog to share some tutorials or tools, to share if I have managed to do something useful and especially, if I get frustrated with some lines of code and I have managed to solve it without pulling me from the third floor where I live .

If you want to see my works as content writer, web designer in wordpress and other things that I do, you can visit this website. That’s my main income. If you want to see the bullshit that I write while I try to work for a future, you got my twitter, the professional and the facebook pro. That is why this will be a flat blog, without images or too complex paragraphs.

Here we go!

ps. English is not my mother tongue, so from now on, I am very sorry for my mistakes, spelling, lexical and grammatical. This blog is also made to improve my English. I hope to do it with my poor German at some point.

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